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UV / LED White King Builder Gel 15 ml



Thick consistency ultra-white gel modeling gel.


Thanks to its excellent properties, the gel is easy to handle and becomes soft when it is formed.


By placing the required amount of material on the surface, without pressing the brush into the material, by easily moving it with the brush, it perfectly self-leveles, allows control and shaping.


When the brush is removed, it stays in place, does not leak, does not run to the edges and does not change shape.


Suitable for white modeled french design, as well as for complex adjustments by lifting the free edge of the nail.


Due to its structure, 100% polymerizes laid in a fairly thick layer.


Does not change its ultra-white color after polymerization and wear.


Robust, holds its shapes, heights and arch well after curing.


Flexible, pressurized during polymerization.


Economical and convenient at work for craftsmen who want to work quickly, because the gel will not change shape if you apply the material on the surface of all four nails at the same time.


Odorless, non-allergenic.

Polymerization: UV 2min. / LED 60sec. CCFL / HYBRID 90 sec.

UV / LED White King Builder Gel 15 ml

SKU: White King Builder Gel 15
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