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UV / LED Natural Cover Thixotropic Gel 50ml



Lower viscosity, self-leveling gel. Perfect mask, maximally matching the color of the natural nail plate.


Easy to operate, control and shape, and stays in place when the brush is pulled out, does not leak.


Soft, easily distributed on the surface of the natural nail plate "one drop without filing" technique.


Perfectly self-leveles on the surface.


Economical and comfortable at work.


Robust, perfectly holds arch and shape after polymerization.


Flexible, pressurized during polymerization.


Suitable for full nail shaping and quick corrections.


Suitable for all nail types and different lengths.


Has a strong adhesion to the natural nail plate.



Odorless, non-allergenic.

Requires dehydrator, super bond and base coat.

Polymerization: UV 2min. / LED 60sec. CCFL / HYBRID 90 sec.

UV / LED Natural Cover Thixotropic Gel 50ml

SKU: Natural Cover Thixotropic Gel 50
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