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UV/LED Modeling Clear Jelly Gel 15 ml



An ultra-thick gel is a structural gel for complex corrections, i.e. restoration of parallels, change of shape from oval to square during correction, prosthetics when it is necessary to give the nail a shape, minimal elongation of the nail edge, restoration of nail architecture.


Leak-proof, perfect in keeping with your shapes and heights.


Does not change its shape after polymerization.


Economical and convenient at work for craftsmen who want to work quickly, because the gel will not change shape if you put the material on all four nails.



Odorless, non-allergenic.

Requires dehydrator, super bond and base coat.

Polymerization: UV 2min. / LED 60sec. CCFL / HYBRID 90 sec.

UV/LED Modeling Clear Jelly Gel 15 ml

SKU: Modeling Clear Jelly Gel 30
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