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Pro Light Cream 500ml SPA PEDICURE

Super light daily cream with odorless menthol provides a slight cooling effect and treats tired legs. Absorbs immediately, allowing for wearing shoes right after application. Shea butter leaves feet smooth and silky. Fragrance from Grasse with white musk base, ginger heart, and orange blossom top notes creates a luxury mood.


-Fast-absorbing daily cream with odorless menthol for a slight cooling effect;
-Odorless menthol provides for a cooling effect to refresh tired skin and treat swollen legs;
-Menthol lactate is free of a menthol-specific odor which some clients may find disturbing;
-Shea butter seals moisture in the upper skin layers and keeps it hydrated
-Super light and airy texture absorbs instantly;


Apply cream and gently massage from the heels up to the knees for 1-2 minutes until the product has been absorbed completely.

Pro Light Cream 500ml SPA PEDICURE

SKU: Pro Light Cream 500ml
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