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Pro Callus Spry 225ml SPA

Quick and easy callus remover in a spray format. Efficient due to a high concentration of Urea and Lactic acid. Handy to use in addition to Pro Callus Gel for cuticles and callused areas.


Lactic acid and 20% Urea gel for effective corn and callus removal;
Easy spray format allows it to work quickly on the entire foot and cover it in just seconds;
Handy addition to use with Pro Callus Gel;
Combination of 20% Urea and 5% Lactic acid efficiently softens and removes callused areas;
Does not contain alkali, therefore product does not require rinsing and is not irritating, even for sensitive skin.


Spread product on feet or cuticles. Allow to penetrate for 1-2 minutes. Work with a file to clean your feet skin or a cuticle nipper to remove cuticles. Do not rinse; wipe with a warm, moist towel if desired.

Pro Callus Spry 225ml SPA

SKU: Pro Callus Spry 225ml
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