Nitrylex® collagen gloves - powder-free - (3 Packs)


HIGH QUALITY Nitrylex® Collagen - Magenta - 100pcs Powder-Free Gloves

Collagen allows keeping the skin properly moisturized. Allantoin content ensures instant regeneration of the cuticle and soothes irritation caused by work in especially adverse conditions.

Disposable gloves protect skin during the procedure, they provide safe and hygienic work.

~ Product does not irritate skin
~ For all skin types
~ Universal, easy use
~ Flexible, durable material

Nitrile powder-free gloves with a cosmetic layer (collagen and allantoin) on the inner surface, recommended especially for users with dry and rough hands, sensitive to irritation.


  • sizes:  S (6-7), M (7-8)