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Laser nail file BEAUTY CARE


● efficient removal of rough skin from nail folds and nail plate correction

● two degrees of coarseness

● polished handle for comfortable grip

● suitable for sterilization in autoclave or hot-air sterilizer

● suitable for disinfection with dedicated products

● stainless steel


BEAUTY CARE 20 110 mm laser file (FBC-20-110):

  • 20X13 grade steel is used for manufacturing, which is highly resistant to damage and corrosion,
  • filing can be performed in different directions – this will not damage the structure of the nail plate,
  • miniature dimensions allow you to use a nail file for delicate processing of the corners of your nails,
  • the presence of two working surfaces (strong and medium hardness) extends the period of use and makes it possible to treat nails of any thickness and length,
  • the incisions are made with a laser, so they are completely harmless to the nails and skin.

The laser file FBC-20-110 is subject to sterilization and does not deteriorate from contact with water and disinfectants. Excellent functional properties make this model an ideal option for any cosmetic bag.

Laser nail file BEAUTY CARE

SKU: FBC-20-110
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