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Heal Cream 150ml



Heals cracked heels

  • 10% Urea and Caviar lime extract heals cracked heels in 4 days;

  • Shea butter seals the moisture in the skin;

  • Non-greasy - apply and good to go. 

  • Urea keeps moisture in the upper skin layers, making it hydrated and soft to the touch;


  • Caviar lime contains a high concentration of AHA’s that improves cell turnover and heals cracked skin and heels;


  • Shea butter creates a soft barrier and seals the moisture in the skin, keeping it hydrated for several hours;


  • Suitable for diabetics.  



Apply the cream on feet and gently massage for 1 minute until the product is completely absorbed. For daily use. 





Heal Cream 150ml

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